Modern economy requires highly autonomous, smart, continuously self-optimising supply chain management system

Smart Field Service Management

Solution makes easy to manage and plan all resource types:

  • Human, vechiles, equipment, rental resources, 3rd party resources, construction materials, operators, machinery
  • Optimizing engine identifies and propose the most optimal task excecution bases on criterias e.g. time, cost, quality

Smart Logistics & Taxi

  • Real-time optimization and management service for road transportation
  • Continuous scheduling
  • Order specifics
  • Current and estimated resource locations and statuses
  • Flexible planning logics
  • Profit and service level maximation
  • User Interactions: Web and Mobile

Supply Chain Optimization and Automization

  • increasing the level of service (by up to 10%)
  • increasing profits (25% increase)
  • Improving the quality of schedules (finding more profitable decisions)
  • Reducing complexity and labor intensity in the work of dispatchers
  • Reducing dependence on the human factor
  • Mitigation of risks of order nonperformance
  • transparency and availability of information



High skilled mathematical programmers

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